Leire Urbeltz


Leire Urbeltz is graduated in Fine Art at the University of the Basque Country in 2008, she did a postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques in 2009 and a Masters in Art Research and Creation in 2011.

She has carried out two individual exhibitions: Almanaque, in Vitoria (2011) and La quimera residual [The Residual Chimaera], in Pamplona (2008). In addition, she has beet awarded several residential grants aimed at artistic intervention in Zaragoza, Cáceres and Beijing (China). The latter was a key piece in her development of her project Diáspora antagonista e identidades inertes [Antagonistic Diaspora and Inert Identities], for which she was awarded the Bilbao residence grant by the Bilbaoarte Foundation, and which is the name for her expanded-illustrated mirror-game project of editing an artist’s book and an installation of ceramic pieces.

In 2013 she was awarded another grant by the aforementioned foundation in order to exhibit her project “Plants that are not green” in September. This exhibition will then (in November) go on to be exhibited at Canvas Art Gallery in Pamplona.

Currently, Leire combines her artistic work at her Pamplona workshop with illustration classes and her studies for a Masters in Illustrated Children’s Albums organized by the Casa del Lector of the Matadero Foundation in Madrid.